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Enjoy the Dazzling Smile You’ve Always Wanted With Enlighten Teeth Whitening
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Even when you’re not talking, your smile continues to communicate for you. Bright white teeth communicate attractiveness, confidence, health, and success. At Redhill Dental Clinic, we can help you achieve the shade of whiteness you’ve always wanted with our Enlighten teeth whitening treatments. At our practice, we offer both take home whitening and in-office whitening options.

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1.No pain
2.Very gentle
3 Very clean
4. Professional and very friendly people” – 
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In-office Laser Whitening

Teeth can become yellowed, discolored, or stained over time due to diet choices or lifestyle habits. With our in-office laser whitening treatment we can remove stains and brighten your teeth even after serious discoloration. Our Enlighten treatment guarantees a B1 shade for every patient. Patients love in-office whitening because it is easy and convenient. Our laser whitening treatment can be completed in one easy office visit and yields instant results. You can walk into our office with yellowed teeth and walk out the same day with a bright, dazzling smile. Our laser whitening treatment is safe, effective, and requires no harsh whitening light. The Enlighten gel is comfortable and won’t cause tooth sensitivity.

Take Home Whitening

4At our practice, we also offer take home whitening options. Patients can whiten their teeth safely and professionally at their convenience in the comfort of their own home. Take home whitening utilizes Enlighten gel to achieve great results. Our take home kits are more effective than over-the-counter treatments and can only be offered by a licensed dentist. With our take home whitening, patients can track their whitening progress and continue to whiten until they’ve reached their desired shade.

To find out more about our teeth whitening treatments, and how they can improve your smile, call us at our office today. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have, or to schedule an appointment. Call us today.


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