A Dentist Near Pedmore

Welcome to Redhill Dental Clinic

There are smaller suburbs on the outskirts of Stourbridge, Pedmore is one such place. Pedmore was originally a smaller independent village but has now been developed  and brought into the greater Stourbridge area.

Why travel from Pedmore to visit our dental practice?

We are a small local dentist offering a complete service with something for everyone. if you choose to drive from Pedmore then we have a convenient car park as part of the practice. Our clinicians have had extensive training around the world on John Kois occlusion courses as well as veneer training in Nashville, USA which, when combined to bring you brighter, straighter, stronger smiles..

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    Directions by car

    Travelling to our dental practice by car takes approximately 5 min, depending on traffic, details are below.

    Directions using public transport

    The journey from Pedmore to our practice takes approximately 10 min by bus with the service leaving every 20 min.

    Dental services offered

    Our website gives full explanations of the services offered however in summary they can be categorised as follows:

    Looking after your dental health

    treatments including:

    Cosmetic dentistry

    Treatments including:

    Straightening crooked teeth

    Treatments including.

    • Dental bonding to straighten crooked teeth immediately whilst you wait.
    • Dental veneers for more rapid  to straightening as well as correcting the shape  and/or colour of teeth.
    • Orthodontic braces.

    Replacing missing teeth

    Treatments including:


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