General & Family Dentistry

Happy Children Enjoying Piggyback Ride On ParentsOur general and family dentistry services focus on helping you enjoy great oral health and avoid dental problems. At our practice, we provide preventative treatments and take a minimal invasive dentistry approach to your care. We want you to enjoy a lasting, natural smile, and will do everything we can in every treatment to preserve your teeth.

Our services include:

Digital X-rays and Exams | Our digital x-rays allow us to spot potential dental issues and treat them at their earliest stage. We offer digital x-rays at every general dentistry appointment. After your x-ray, your dentist will personally check your teeth and make sure you are experiencing optimal oral health. We also offer oral cancer screenings and other exams.

Professional Cleanings | professional cleaning plays an important role in your oral health and hygiene. Professional cleanings help prevent cavities and tartar buildup. At our practice, we recommend that patients come in for a professional teeth cleaning every six months.

Sedation Dentistry | Did you know that you can have a sedation dentistry treatment before any of our procedures? Sedation dentistry allows patients to relax throughout an entire appointment, even if the patient has experienced anxiety in the past.

Winter AfternoonPeriodontal Treatment | Take care of your gums with periodontal treatment from Redhill Dental Clinic. We offer periodontal treatment that will keep your gums healthy and decrease the effects of gum disease.

Adult Orthodontics | It’s never too late to have the straight, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. At our practice, we offer a wide range of adult orthodontic options to meet your unique smile needs. You can find out more about our teeth straightening treatments when you call us at our office.

TMJ Treatment | If you suffer from jaw pain or frequent headaches, our TMJ treatment can help. With proper treatment and diagnosis, we can alleviate all of your TMJ disorder symptoms and help you enjoy your day-to-day life again.

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